We’re in for a stretch of severe weather here in Greenland, N.H. but yesterday we had a fun way to beat the blues with a hand’s on workshop making your own string garden.¬† First we lay out a nice blanket of dry long fiber sphagnum moss and bundle it around the plant’s root ball so it covers all the soil. Gather it up and tie the string around the middle to get started, then wrap away. Pick of the Planet, string gardens, crafting

Anne came to the air plant workshop last Saturday and it was over 90 degrees, but she came back this week to make her own string Aloe. String Gardens at the Pick of the Planet

String Gardens at the PIck of the Planet

Pretty string gardens all in a row!



The other fun part is adding the hanging wires and accessorizing! I had my trusty collection of shells and beads and everyone had fun choosing how to decorate. We used some copper wire that  stripped from the recycling pile to create the hanging device.

String gardens at the Pick of the Planet.

Different wrapping layers.

String gardens at the Pick of the Planet.







You will have to come to the next workshop to learn all the details to make your own string creation!


String gardens at the Pick of the Planet.

Paula’s snazzy wrapping pattern!