Ornamental Peppers add color.Are your gardens and containers feeling the blahs? We have a peck of interesting plants to change things up for the fall season.

How about 4.5″ and 6″ peppers of various varieties and sizes?



Variegated sages add texture and longevity.

We love what variegated sage can do to liven up a tired summer planter.  Or how about cool weather loving Arctotis in 6″?


Cold weather blooms for fall.







Grasses are always a welcome addition for texture and movement.

Pink Fountain Grass

Annual grasses in 8″ pots give movement and filler to tired containers and take you into October!

OK, OK,  if you insist, we have a wonderful bunch of mums selected for late and season extending bloom that will take you to hard frost. These are all Belgian mums that grow in a lower, compact form in red, orange, pink, bronze, coral, yellow and purple.

Locally grown mums

Happy homegrown mums add lots of color and last and last.