A welcome break in the weather is a perfect time to get caught up on the watering and feeding of your summer plantings. This is the weather that brings relief to the plants, the peoples and the dogs. Speaking of dogs, Mora has recovered beautifully from a serious bout of illness earlier this week. It is hard to be an old black dog in the heat of July! A daily swim is keeping her a young 14.

Mora enjoys canoeing.










Back to the plants, take the time in the coolness of the morning to give a deep watering and if you have some compost to layer on or compost tea to apply or even liquid plant food you will be rewarded with a freshening of your bloom and color. Remove spent flower blooms and seed heads (unless you are planning to harvest seeds later this month) and you will get a new blast of buds and blooms.

After all that heat and dryness our gardening friends have discovered the beauty and ease of succulents in containers. Here is a grouping I put together for the Old York designer home on the children’s table.

This fine vessel inspired the plantings for the children’s table.









We also have some mixed succulent centerpieces that add panache to your outdoor dining.  Stop by and we can set you up with your own centerpiece, better still find yourself some driftwood and I’ll show you how to adorn it!