“Gruss Gott du Schone Maiern”, this is the title of the 16th century German lied I was singing to the bees this morning. (missing umlauts I know.) I got an email from a friend last night that there was a swarm of honey bees to catch nearby! Great news because I had lost 2 of my 3 colonies and hadn’t had time to even think about ordering bees for this spring. Funny how things appear, isn’t it?

I couldn’t reach the people but went over and began lurking about their yard at 6:30 this morning, it was going to be a lowery (a great word my friend Frank taught me, it means threatening) day and I wanted to get the poor bees into a safe dry home.

Here they are all huddled inside a concrete block.

Then you shake the block over the super and they fall in a big clump into the new super. I let them work it out and went home to prepare their new space. Then loading the super into my car with a few wet towels over it to keep the girls in, I drove home in my bee suit, just in case! I’m sure that was an interesting site for the oncoming cars at 7:30 am.

Now they are happily installed in the back yard. It is a great spot for the early morning sun and I can see them from my kitchen and dining windows. Keep your fingers crossed that they stay put!

Then off to work with scads of zinnias to finish planting and orders to pull for shipping. What a sweet way to begin the week!