Today is Hallowe’en, a brisk and windy day, a sample of what’s to come. I’ve been studying my spanish each morning in preparation for my upcoming trip. This is my study nest. The morning tea and sun pouring in through the oaks.

Pulled the beets and made pickled beets today and a batch of green tomato mincemeat, which will be yummy baked into a pie later this winter. As it simmered for hours the whole house has the scent of vinegar from the beets and spices from the mincemeat. These tomatoes being chopped up were so beautiful and here’s the simmering pot of sweetness. Now you can almost get a whiff: If you want the recipe I can post it tomorrow!
The colors are so amazing right now, it can make you weep for the fleeting beauty. This is our old friend, Euonymus alatus, now on the invasive species list, but I mean, just look at these colors. Leaves in the woods range from the palest pink to this deep red with these seeds (the evil culprits) in flaming orange red with deep burgundy wings, an exuberant ball gown for the autumn.
We’ve also had a flock of turkeys roaming the shop where I head each day to keep a look on the current experiment in organic hydroponics, looks and tastes good! What is the drift? There were so many industrious things to do today I never got to Hallowe’en.