My latest experiment in healthful smoothies, liquados as they are known here, is the inclusion of fresh aloe. It is delicious and very good for you. Aloe is well known for healing skin or epidermis, the lining of the stomach and the intestines has the same properties and for this reason aloe delivers great curative powers to the stomach. The important ingredient is the preparation of the aloe “filet”. After experimenting with a few methods this works best for me, take a lovely large and juicy leaf and clean and dry it. (Be prepared to get your hands all gooey, but the amazing thing is if you rub it in like a lotion it disappears and you get lovely soft hands. ) You’ll need a sharp peeler, a sharp knife and a soup spoon. First of all the cautionary notes: at the base the leaf exudes a bitter yellow to bronze juice, DO NOT USE THIS! This bitter juice will cause severe diarrhea. What you want is the clear jelly inside. I like to have all my other fruit ready in the blender and add the aloe last.

A few pieces of pineapple, some papaya and fresh water is all that is needed. Additions such as other fruit or yogurt are also tasty. The curative effects come from the aloe, papaya and pineapple. The Pineapple and papaya both contain valuable enzymes that aid in digestion. Blend your fruit and if you like throw in a couple of ice cubes. The frothy mixture is a delight to the mouth and taste buds and your insides will thank you.