So I am on my annual visit to one of my favorite places on earth, today 12-12-12 dawns clear and then midday a small breeze has come up. Not quite a xocomil. I come here to rest and contemplate, the lake is the land of the

perpetual spring, 12 hour days and nights. I arrive just after the rains so it is fresh spring, trees are glowing, avocados fruiting, coffee is ripening. Citrus abounds but I will miss mango season as usual.

The striking difference from the northern world and a vastly simplified life is why I love being here. We sit at the fire in the evening making tortillas and chatting about the day. The cackchiquel language is soft and rustling like the wind  in a tall field of ripening corn.

I went west to the coast the other day, searching for cardamom to admire. It is such an expensive crop that the locals stopped growing it because it would be stolen before they could sell it. The sugar cane fields stretch for miles, in the method of slash and burn, the dark fertile earth so different from the rocky, volcanic soil around the lake.sugar cane fields

We passed through a check point en route, everyone out and making sure there was no fruit being brought in as a protective screen for the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, scourge of growers due to it’s destructive and rapid reproductive cycle. poster