Home for lunch, best smoothie so far… fresh coconut, papaya, pineapple, yogurt and a splash of water, nice and refreshing and love those helper enzymes from papaya. An early morning trip to the “bomberos” market yielded some necklaces for Amelia and got the abuelas all excited to bring more next week. I finally figured out how to look interested in something else while I am checking out what I really want. Duh you say, that seems so obvious, I just don’t have the acting ability!I also found some very simple and light sandals at the sunday market and haveĀ been wearing them just about full time. They cost about $4.65 a pair with good solid rubber soles.In these days the weather is dry and sunny and then there are sets of 3 or 4 days with lots of wind, the ritual for the shop keepers is to sprinkle water all around their stalls and on the busy street to keep the dust down. It really helps. This shot is overexposed, the sun is so bright but up on the left is a man sprinkling water all around.At the dock the other day a man was selling macadamia nuts, not cheap (relative) he says he buys them for about 70Q per pound a little less than $10.00 but they are so amazing fresh from the shell, he carries a hammer with him to release the nuts. That and a few tortillas made lunch. That day I only had boat fare so could only buy a small handful of nuts. If you think I’m obsessed with food here, I AM. So many amazing fresh things, so challenging to clean, the ongoing battle. Off to the lake, that’s all for now.