Here are a few funny items from the Pick pickers and a mystery challenge:

Ever seen the likes of this? We have an active bird population and this was on the ledge near the potting station. Sadly we disrupted Mama too much this spring for her to have success. Four Holer

BUT later in the season we did have success with 3 fledglings: Our babies about 1 week before they flew off!Here they are about 1 week before they flew off!







Now for the mystery stuff, 2 things for you to identify and if you guess correctly you can come and get a free 6″ Ornamental Pepper at our store.








Mystery number 2, same deal as above a free Ornamental Pepper:



Spoiler alert, here are the ID’s: #1 is a patty of freshly made beeswax. #2 is Leycesteria Jealousy in flower.