Cotton threads

Cotton thread on the line

The weaving women of Guatemala are famous for their skill and creativity. I have been working with my friend, Rosa, to make some scarves. We are focusing on naturally dyed cotton and it is quite a process. First the cotton is washed and prepared for coloring. Next you go out to the countryside and harvest a bunch of plants, mostly green herbs and wild weeds.

A fire is started to get plenty of pots of plant stew going.

Fire is needed.

The kids all help.

The chosen plant is boiled in water to extract it’s colored juices and then the thread is added.


Coloring threads.

Often a second brew of banana leaves is used as an accompanying mordant. After the thread has simmered long enough to reach the desired color it is rinsed off.


Water tests the color.

Our helper, Angel,  gives his seal of approval and the threads are hung on a line to dry.

Angel helps.

Angel is helping.

one batch

One finished batch of thread.












loom ready to go

Angel with loom.

The back strap loom is set up ready to begin weaving.