This is the second time this week we’ve had Papaya Salad with dinner. The idea was green papaya salad but they are all ripe at the market so I made it the same way and used the ripe fruit and it is very yummy!
Sliced pieces of Papaya(1 large fruit) , thinly sliced pieces of cucumber (1 ) , slices of tomato (1), diced onion (about 1/2), hot chile pepper rocoto (about 1/2 depending on how spicey you like it). Then I added a ton of lime juice and juice of one sour orange, lots of salt, a dash of sugar and a large handful of purple basil chiffonade, and minced cilantro. Let it sit and blend for 1/2 hour, or while you make the tortillas for dinner and then eat it all up. It really makes your stomach happy too!

Here’s what I forgot in the original post…THE GARLIC, about 3 cloves finely minced and if you have it a splash of Thai fish sauce. The idea is that it is spicey, salty, tangy and sweet all at the same time.