I love this plant! This is one of my favorite under dogs, grassy green foliage all season long, cherry red carnation flowers with a wonderful spicey scent all season long, plays well with others, what’s not to love? Oh, and stands up to all the darn cold temperatures we keep having, this annual dianthus is an all around favorite and we have plenty in stock.

Plant of the Week, under loved Dianthus red cascade.

Plant of the Week, the under-loved Dianthus red cascade.

This week in the garden: did you get your peas and spinach in? It is not to late to squeeze in a planting, make sure your soil is well cultivated and that you have added compost and lime.

Our soils run very acidic and lime applications twice per season will help to neutralize that soil pH. Run down to your favorite farm supply store and pick up some lime and follow the directions on the bag for application. (Avid gardeners did this as soon as the soil can be worked but it is not too late for you procrastinators to do it now!) On the subject of planting early, WAIT till it warms up to plant your tomatoes, basil, peppers, and eggplants, please please please. You won’t gain much by torturing these warm blooded plants by putting them out early!