Soaking in the sweet Guatemalan breezes, outside the window a jasmine perfumes the air. I have a few projects brewing, enfleurage for my collection. By placing a small amount of an unscented light olive oil, soak fresh flowers in the oil, replacing the flowers each day until you are happy with the scent. Last year my jasmin kept it’s fragrance all year. Soaking from left to right is alyssum, jasmin, gardenia& honeysuckle.Last night I decided I needed a touch of home and made some potato latkes much to the surprise of my local family. We ate them inside corn tortillas which was really quite delicious. (Yay for the double carbs.) I was unable to find applesauce in the market and too lazy to make my own. But they were still yummy. I was worried they’d be soggy with the potatoes here but after a brief soak and wringing out in a towel they latkes were deliciously crispy.

Today the plan for a morning swim was altered by strong wind and waves, maybe it will settle down a bit for an afternoon visit. I’m trying to rest and recover after all the work getting the new greenhouses ready for spring production before I left. I’ll be hunting around for some odd seeds to trial as I do every year.

Now my idea with the blog is to keep it light and simple so I don’t stress about the content and just get some words and images out there for you to enjoy. I would love to get feedback or suggestions if you want me to look at any particulars.

Today in the garden Miguel found this snake and gave him his due, the poisonous snakes have taken over a bit since he was in the states working but he’s been out there every day since we arrived trying to get things back under control. Anybody know the identification of this particular snake?

Walking to town the other day I followed a local abuelo in his traje (the customary clothing). I never want to invade people and sneak shots from behind. I hope to  include a study of the lovely color combinations that the women put together for their daily dress. Well and I had to put in this photo because it just cracked me up. Barbie goes to Panajachel!