Ok, this is one day late, I have many personal reasons for not having the warm fuzzies on Valentine’s Day. (I REALLY want to say that this is not the best day to announce that you want a divorce.) But I do like chocolate.

ANYWAY. I was reminded today of a plant that I was trying to have a more personal relationship with last summer, Cardiospermum halicacabum or Love-In-A-Puff. The Latin name translates as kardia: heart and sperma: seed; to whit see the picture below, how cute are they? They are listed as an invasive plant in New Zealand so don’t take any seeds there please. There are no problems here in the frigid north.  Also in this picture you see a close up of the dry brown balloon shaped pod and also a fresh green one.

The flowers are a frilly, small white/ green thing that is quickly followed by the balloning seed pod. After many years of selling it in a pot set with a trellis so it could grow UP, I planted it in a hanging basket and growing DOWN gives a much more satisfying view and presence. I can see this overhead on lattice or a pergola spilling down in an artful way. Perhaps combined with Asarina?

These plants can take a fair amount of neglect, bouncing back nicely when you forget to water (not that I encourage that kind of abuse.)Full sun to partial shade and super compatible with lots of neighbors to be added to a basket. We will have plants in 4.5″ pots available in late May to put out in the garden or add to your hanging basket creation.